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Sequencer and Function Generator Eurorack Module

Toolbox is a touchscreen based sequencer and function generator for eurorack. It is designed to drive signal patterns to your other modules to create the music you imagine.

Features Up to 8 Rhythm Sequencers 1-128 steps Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars Available internally and through dedicated gate outputs Can trigger the Note sequencers Up to 16 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, each with the following independent controls 1-128 steps Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars Note duration for all events MIDI channel MIDI Port Clock source (internal, external, & rhythm sequencers) Transposition in semitones with option to quantize to scale Piano Roll editing with fast, touch screen interface Sequencer Output via dedicated CV+Gate output and MIDI Clock source selectable via internal, external, & rhythm sequencers Up to 8 Function Generators LFOs with standard waveforms Bar CV sequencer Free running or synchronized to the master beat clock MIDI Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry Outputs transmit gate and control signals to other devices CV inputs Serve as clock sources for gate and note sequencers Can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, etc.

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