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Buchla Red Panel Model 110 Quad Gate

Item# red-panel-model-110-quad-g110
Quad Voltage Controlled Gate

With the Model 110 Quad VC Gate, musicians can add the distinctive sounding, nonlinear VCAs of the Buchla 100 series to their Eurorack synthesizers. The circuits are controlled via potentiometers and CV inputs. The VCAs’ response characteristic is exponential in the first third of their control range. In the second third, the response characteristic changes to linear and finally to logarithmic behavior. Additionally, some saturation is applied at the upper edge of the control range. The Model 110 does not feature vactrols. Thanks to its ultrafast response time, the module is a great partner for creating percussive sounds. Furthermore, the Model 110 is able to perform amplitude modulation at audio rates.

The four VCAs of Model 110 each come equipped with a signal input, a level potentiometer, a CV input and two outputs. Their response characteristic is exponential at first, but then changes to linear and finally logarithmic behavior with soft saturation.

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