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Xodes PV44 + IMI Bundle

Item# xodes-pv44--imi-bund44
4 x 4 Preset Voltages PV44 lets you select between 4 groups of 4 voltages via prioritized trigger inputs.

1V, 2V, or 4V range for the upper rows, +5V and 5V for the lower rows.

Common modulation input with an attenuverter per row.

The 4 trigger signals also go to an OR logic gate, which proves to be handy when using PV44 with percussion synthesizers or envelope generators.

PV44 IMI adds a couple modulation possibilities to a stock PV44.

The original PV44 modulation input is still effective when used, and becomes the modulation group I when a signal is inserted in the bottom jack on the expansion (group II).

The groups destination can be selected with a switch, and reduces the need of multiples.

The top A/B/C/D jacks, directly go to their respective attenuverters.

Condition: New

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